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Economy: Tax Cuts, Jobs and Balanced Budgets - David believes that the biggest problem our economy is facing is that business owners, especially small business owners are nervous, and reluctant to start hiring again. The federal government needs to stop spending more money, and start incentivizing the growth of businesses to encourage lasting job creation.

That’s how David thinks we can start to fix the problems with our economy, by lowering the tax burden on business owners and making them feel comfortable about hiring again, so that the private sector is creating jobs- not the government. 

David also believes that it is in the best interest of our economy to extend the tax cuts for all Americans.  Why, especially in a struggling economy would we want to raise taxes on small businesses and families?  We want businesses, particularly small business job creators, to have enough certainty and confidence in the economy to hire new people. 

David has experience cutting taxes.  He has worked to balance eight state budgets- even during times of deficits. We need to restore fiscal sanity to Washington, and David’s record of fiscal responsibility shows that he knows how to do that.

Second Amendment-David supports and protects the right to bear arms.  He has received ‘A’ ratings from the from the National Rifle Association and in this past legislative session he was instrumental in passing a bill that protected the concealed weapons and firearms licensing trust fund from being raided, which would have amounted to a tax on the Second Amendment.  Courts have ruled that states may not tax the exercise of rights protected by the federal constitution

Immigration- David believes that stopping illegal immigration starts by controlling our borders and strengthening existing penalties for people entering the country illegally.  There are also many businesses that subsist on the work of illegal immigrants and David believes that the federal government must enact harsh penalties against employers that hire illegal immigrants. 

Israel- David believes that Israel stands as a beacon of freedom in a region where freedom is especially stifled.  Because of this he values the unique relationship that the United States and Israel have shared .  David believes in providing foreign aid to Israel and  will support calls to our Arab allies to work towards normalizing relations with Israel. 

Iran- David believes in putting pressure on Iran to end its uranium enrichment and weaponry programs.  He will support legislation and actions that condemn Iran if they continue to build up a nuclear and military threat against Israel and its neighbors in the Middle East and Europe. 

Health Care- David has signed the Club for Growth’s pledge to repeal the Obama administration’s health care bill.   He believes that the Democrats’ healthcare plan breaks President Obama’s pledge to not raise taxes on Americans making less than $250,000 per year, by imposing an individual mandate tax on Americans and a mandate tax on employers who don’t purchase health insurance for their employees. 

Cap & Trade- David opposes energy tax legislation and will work to repeal the Cap and Trade legislation that was passed by the Democratic Congress.  He supports conservation efforts that incentivize, not penalize, energy efficiency by businesses and individuals, and he will support promoting renewable energy sources as well as exploring American energy sources. 

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